Blind vs. mainstream distros

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Mon Apr 24 01:04:11 UTC 2017

No not you directly.
the problem is, while i understand why we cannot see who posts 
individually anymore, having no frame of reference or individual context 
means a reply just gets tossed in.
I resonate with your personal take,

On Sun, 23 Apr 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Um, to the non-existent community person, did you really mean to respond to 
> me? I believe I ultimately said the same thing. I'm not the one who mentioned 
> some "blind community," and I for one also believe this is something that 
> simply doesn't exist. I'm just as human as you, and I work toward 
> humanization of all humans, not discrimination against any human, which is 
> why I also struggle to inform people of the real ramifications of the whole 
> "blind" vs "sighted" attitude. Once we can get to the place where we are all 
> human whether our eies fully work or not, then we can solve a lot more of the 
> world's problems, including the "mainstream" vs "specialized" problem.
> ~ Kyle
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