Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Mon Apr 24 00:41:01 UTC 2017

Nah, NV access has plenty of work ahead of them, keeping up with Windows
	10 and hacking around accessibility problems instead of leaving
	Windows to Narrator and Jaws and coming to Linux where their
	help is needed.
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> And even if the NV association had any interest in branching out, I
> suspect they'd be more interested in porting NVDA than improving other
> projects, and depending on how much NVDA depends on Windows specific
> APIs, that might just lead to slower development on the Windows side
> without providing a decent Orca alternative under Linux. Granted,
> these things are way above my weight class as far as development is
> concerned(I know how to program and I have a Computer Science degree,
> but I'm still only at the level of terminal applications or writing a
> backend someone else might could connect to a GUI), but I suspect
> something like a Graphical screen reader requires a level of
> integration that isn't friendly to cross platform support(Hell, as I
> understand it, Orca doesn't wrok well at all in desktop enviornments
> other than Gnome and Mate).

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