Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Mon Apr 24 00:47:23 UTC 2017

Yes, NVDA works well, and even has really cool add-ons, like 3-d sound
	schemes, other speech synthesizers working right within NVDA,
	and at least their braille support has word wrap, which Orca
	doesn’t have yet. We should really find an developer for Orca
	who knows and uses braille. Anyways, BRLTTY works fine, and was
	just updated to 5.5! I would switch to the console with braille,
	but browsing the web and getting and sending mail in a braille
	friendly way is pretty hard, or with eBooks, impossible for me,
	to find.
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> I have no intention of going anywhere near a Windows PC unless I have
> to, but does the stable release of NVDA even manage to work well
> accross different Windows versions?
> Though honestly, give me a text mode browser that lets me navigate
> like the page is a text file in nano and has the naviagation shortcuts
> Orca adds to Firefox, and I'd probably abandon the GUI altogether.

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