Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Mon Apr 24 10:17:46 UTC 2017

I'm Tony Baechler. See below.

On 4/23/2017 3:49 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Granted, I could be wrong and the only reason there isn't a .deb for
> NVDA or an install.exe for Orca is because no one's tried compiling
> them outside their native environments, but if it was that simple, it
> begs the question of why no one has tried compiling them.

Actually, there is an install.exe for Orca. It's part of Cygwin and there 
should be an official Gnome binary. You can run a full Gnome desktop on 
native Windows. I don't know if Orca actually works, but in theory it should 
as it's written in Python. In reality, I'm sure it doesn't because Windows 
doesn't provide the same components and libraries as Linux. I think I read 
it doesn't work on BSD either even though it's in the ports tree. It might 
be possible to build NVDA with MinGW on Linux, but probably not. NVDA is 
written in Python, so you can run the latest git checkout without compiling. 
I think it uses C for some functions, but I'm no programmer and I have no idea.

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