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Mon Apr 24 11:33:31 UTC 2017

I'm Tony Baechler. Umm, Kyle, no. Anyone can host any project without caring 
about accessibility. As you surely know, anyone can dump files on a public 
server and anyone can host a git repo. No, RH doesn't host Orca. The Gnome 
Foundation ( hosts Orca. Their server is in Sweden. Joanie doesn't 
work for RH. She works for a totally unrelated company, the name of which 
escapes me. I have no idea how much work they put into their installer, but 
I would say too little, too late. You didn't address the broken Speakup 
kernel. Ubuntu doesn't have console speech working out of the box either, 
(one can set it up within a terminal app) but at least the Speakup modules work.

I don't blame RH for the state of the list or the spam. I blame them for 
their business decisions which seem to preclude accessibility and generally 
looking (pun intended) the other way when approached over the years. I do 
think it would be a very good idea to get this list off of their 
infrastructure. As I posted elsewhere, I'm not sure that or 
are good choices.

On 4/24/2017 4:14 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Tony,
> First of all, as far as I've been able to deduce over the years, everyone
> *cares* about accessibility. The problem is that no one *knows how* to best
> address any issues with it. Red Hat certainly does care. If they didn't
> care, they wouldn't ship Orca, or they wouldn't implement the alt+super+s
> shortcut to turn on Orca in GNOME. Defaults you say, maybe. But still, if
> they didn't care, why would they do so much work to get their installer
> working with Orca? I don't think all that work was an accident.
> With regard to yet another list, it's not necessary at all. We do still have
> this list, and we can just put our names into our messages. Kyle here ....
> In any case, if we don't want that, the FSF does have an accessibility list
> as well.
> No sense making yet another Linux/free software accessibility list. Either
> use this one, that one or both. In any case, we can't be blaming Red Hat for
> the current state of this list. They did what they could do as quickly as
> they could do it. Instead, if there is any blame to throw around, we should
> be blaming the spammers that got us here.
> ~Kyle

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