Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Mon Apr 24 11:56:39 UTC 2017

Kelly Prescott here.
This is only my $0.02 worth as a developer, but here I go.
I can program, in several languages in fact.
Here is the problem.
Most people that write for Linux and free software in general do it on 
there own time.
Yes, there are a small group of highly paid developers that work on core 
stuff, but for the most part even in major distributions, the people do it 
because we enjoy it!
The reason Windows has better accessibility, is that the government has 
largely funded it.  FS and all the other players get a large percentage of 
purchases from VR dollars which is the good old tax payer!
So while a private company developes it, Uncle Sam really foots the bill!
I only say that to show how hard it is to get accessible software built 
and maintained.
I am working on a UEFI boot loader that talks from bootup.  I am going to 
release it as open source.
The thing is: I have to feed me and mine durring this effort.
This means that I work on borring normal projects most of the time, and my 
boot loader when I have spare time.
I think there are several developers me among them who would do this full 
time, but if there is no money in it, then we must continue to work on our 
normal jobs/projects until we either have time to work on it or we find 
some good funding to pay for it.
Unfortunately, I do not know of good ways to obtain lots of money for 
part-time developers.  There is only so much free time and free work to go 

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