Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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And now BrlTTY is being used in Windows Narrator.

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heh. yeah, right. "gold standard"? more like the 1 troy oz. of gold required to buy it!

Now, as for which is better? Neither! each can do some things the other can't. However, NVDA is quickly catching up to the capabilities of JAWS (and already has a substantially greater user base). 
Now, as for the screen reader keystroke commonality among the various screen readers? not entirely sure that would be possible. NVDA and jaws are close. ORCA (for Linux) can be customized similarly, but its a lot of work. The nice thing I like about BrlTTY, ORCA, emacspeak or some of the other Linux based accessibility tools is that separate drivers don't have to be installed in order to make an external braille device work. They just work (same for apple, btw). Now, I have used both BrlTTY and ORCA since Ubuntu 10.04 and had very little issues with them. SOme things might get a bit quirky, but are reasonably stable. On windows, NVDA is getting better, but the issue there isn't the screen reader (either jaws or NVDA), its the OS (which is a FUBAR Kludge IMHO). So, in a lot of ways, we are better off with the Open Development environment, a greater access to some tools and the ability to share without having to let the evil overlord know what it is we want to do. Now, I do te!
 nd to don
 ate to those projects that are worthwhile and some of them are on Linux and only 1 is on windows. sure, its a couple of dollars a month, but its worth it.


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