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Mon Apr 24 15:07:29 UTC 2017

On a somewhat related note, it annoys me that Debian CD1's boot menu
just beeps and you have to know the right combination of buttons to
press to start the talking version of the installer(that the talking
installer removes the ability to navigate installer menus with arrow
keys is also annoying) Would it be that inconvenient to those who
don't need speech to make the disc's boot menu fully voiced or to make
the talking installer the first menu entry so the most you have to
remember is press enter at the beep?

I also find it annoying Knoppix hasn't had official images with
Adriane as the default boot setting since the CD version was
discontinued. Doubly so since, as far as I know, there isn't a command
line means of editing a single text file within an iso directly, and
mounting an image, copying it's contents to harddrive, making the
edit, and rebuilding the image is a lot of work to do a one-line edit
of a single text file.


Jeffery Wright
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