Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Mon Apr 24 15:45:59 UTC 2017

Boot messages can be sent out via a serial console, without the help of 
a screen reader locked into the kernel, where it is harder to fix bugs 
and harder to keep it updated, as the whole kernel has to be updated 
along with it. I know the serial console works, as I have a uart header 
on my computer with a cable that allows me to debug any problems I find 
in boot messages, and even in boot loader messages that are shown prior 
to "starting kernel ...", from any other machine that has a USB port. 
And there is yet another thing. I can use any computer with a USB port 
and fully interact with the machine where I need to see its boot 
messages, which is something I cannot do with Speakup on any kernel as 
of now, and I don't have to purchase a very expensive and quite obsolete 
hardware speech synthesizer to see my kernel and boot loader messages 
either, as if I have no other machine I can use to access boot messages, 
a $35 Raspberry Pi or even a $15 Orange Pi will do quite nicely.

Frankly, everything that Speakup can possibly do can be done by any 
number of other applications and even any number of other kernels. Most 
users only use software speech for daily tasks, and Fenrir covers that. 
Others need to see boot messages occasionally, and a serial console is 
best for that. It would seem now that Speakup is pretty much obsolete, 
so even if it was to find its way into the stable kernel tree tomorrow, 
it would be far too little too late for me, as I have already found 
better solutions.

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