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calibre's ebook-convert does pdf and epub to some extent as well as some 
of those propriatory formats, as long as there is no drm on them.
HTH, Willem

On Mon, 24 Apr 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

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>> the following command line utilities are all useful:
>> catdoc for .doc and I believe .rtf(and I believe catdoc also includes
>> commands to handle xls and ppt).
> *snip*
>> Granted, I know of no command line tools for dealing with ePub or
>> Kindle
> Most of the formats mentioned in this message, including epub, are
> covered by pandoc.  Nope, it doesn't do Kindle.  It also will not read
> PDF files, but it can write them.  It's really the most useful and
> universal document-converting tool out there, and I highly recommend it.
> It can even go the other way and convert Markdown to various word
> processor formats, and that's really useful.
> -- Chris
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