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Mon Apr 24 16:58:06 UTC 2017

Ok, I have been following this discussion and it is very interesting.  
Doug Smith here.  I have just had to change over to antergos.  It is 
really good, seems stable, and, though it is not what we might call a 
specialized distro, it works well with orca on gnome.

It is a modification of arch with an installer that makes it easier to 
install and that's all I can see that is different about it.  I would 
still call it a mainstream distro.

The really great story I am about to tell here happened Saturday night.  
I was looking for liblouisutdml.  I wanted to have it on here with the 
soon appearance of low-cost braille tech.  I emailed them at the contact 
address on their web site and asked for liblouisutdml to be included in 
the package repos.  I thought it would be included in the aur but was I 

Dustin, his last name escapes me at the moment, said that he would be 
glad to put it in and to check the repo in a few hours. I did and it 
came right into my home and installed.  Talk about caring about 
accessibility, that's how it gets done.

Last year, a bunch of us on the orca list found this little gem and have 
been using it for a while.  Go and get it if you don't have it.

It is arch with an easy to use installer which is graphical for those 
who prefer guis and it works flawlessly with orca.  I have my favorite 
terminal programs on here as well as my favorites from the graphical 
world and it all seems to work fine.

Another story is bug fixes.  One of the last versions last year had a 
minor pulseaudio problem which wouldn't work with my usb headset, but 
now it is working fine.

Hope this helps.

Doug Smith

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