Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Tue Apr 25 00:06:31 UTC 2017

Windows users have had to learn and relearn basic functionality of their 
own precious OS for years now, as Microsoft itself periodically changes 
the way things work just for the sake of making a change. I see nothing 
new here, except that the benefits of Linux far outweigh any changes in 
key combinations in the screen reader. Just think of the poor Windows 
user who got an upgrade and lost the whole start menu. Is this not a 
major change? But they went right along with it, because they had no 
other choice. Now imagine instead having the ability to use more logical 
mnemonics to operate your screen reader, everything from telling the 
time to listing links in a far more logical and intuitive set of 
keybindings. Now imagine if you don't like the keybindings, being given 
the opportunity to change every single one until it suits your personal 
tastes. Then tell me that Orca somehow does things in a less logical way 
than NVDA , or heaven forbid, Jaws, the cream of the crap when it comes 
to any screen reader, and that orca somehow must change everything it 
does and the way it does it simply to comply with some whim that the 
likes of Freedom Scientific arbitrarily forced upon its users, and 
everyone else in the wonderful world of Windows decided they just had to 
follow like good little sheep.

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