Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Tue Apr 25 00:15:59 UTC 2017

The serial terminal is indeed built into the kernel, but the difference 
is that it isn't stuck in staging with no hope of ever getting out into 
the main tree. In fact, the serial terminal has been a part of the base 
kernel for many many years. And what in the world is wrong with using a 
cable to connect to something inexpensive instead of purchasing an 
obsolete piece of hardware that costs way more than it's worth, 
especially if it's possible to purchase a fully functional computer for 
a much lower price?

OK, Speakup is now once again in active development, and there have been 
a ton of messages to the Speakup list during the month of April of this 
year, and a few more in March as I recall. But my point is that if Red 
Hat's work toward the accessibility of its installer is "too little too 
late" as one person mentioned here, about 7 patches under review in 
Speakup over the course of 30 to 45 days is also too little too late, by 
far, as Speakup has had far longer to get it right and to position 
itself as the only screen reader to ever make it into any mainline 
kernel on any operating system, and it has thus far failed miserably. 
Sorry, I'll just stick with my $15 uart to USB cable and my $15 single 
board computer, as I can't be bothered to try to find a working hardware 
speech synthesizer and the correct port to plug it into while I wait for 
Speakup to get proper USB support and to be available on any kernel no 
matter who is distributing it.

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