Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Tue Apr 25 00:21:57 UTC 2017

Dan Rossi here.

WOW, what a thread.  The vehemence surrounding a silly little thing like 
F-12 verses insert-t is amazing.  In JAWS, insert-t is for the title of 
the window I am in.  Title, T.  There are only 26 letters in the alphabet 
and a few modifier keys, so some things are going to get relegated to odd 
key mappings.  Is insert-f12 a better keymap for Title?

Luckily, JAWS does make changing key mappings pretty customizable.  So, If 
I want insert-t to be time, I think I can do that.

I'm still firmly grounded in Windows, but have interest in Linux.  I still 
use Pine on a unix box for my email, but would never give up FireFox on 
Windows for browsing in text mode.

Sorry, to come out of the blue, but the key mapping thing just seemed to 
be so silly with as much anger as it seemed to promote.

Blue skies.
Dan Rossi
E-Mail:	dr25 at
Tel:	(412) 422-5423

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