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Tue Apr 25 22:47:26 UTC 2017

According to Jeffery Wright:
they're only against the proposal because they didn't propose it)
Having been a member of the ACB and also attended NFB meetings in the 
past, this is the attitude I've seen on both sides. The NFB does seem to 
make their positions that match that philosophy more public, but both 
organizations are guilty of having such attitudes. One example is a rule 
on my state's level that I vehemently opposed, but was the only one to 
do so, that prevents members of the ACB who are also on even local 
chapter boards in the NFB from serving on any board in the ACB in our 
state. I'm not sure whether or not this has gone up to the national 
level, but it is a perfect example of how they are only an organization 
that wants to be different from the other, rather than the advocacy 
organization they claim to be.

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