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Wed Apr 26 12:46:38 UTC 2017

Addendum to my previous post:

Regarding boot messages, even back when I could see, assuming
whichever distro I was using didn't cover them with a splash screen, I
can't say they were ever all that useful when things went wrong to the
point of things not booting. In most cases, I usually used such
breakage as an excuse to do a clean install. Nowadays, I'm using a
distro that isn't quick to take from clean install to customized to my
liking, so I tend to use booting from a LiveDVD to try system rescue,
and if that doesn't work, use the live system to restore a backup of
my root partition. The efforts I've made to remove stuff I don't use
means the restore takes only a few minutes and in most cases, getting
back to where I was before the problem is simply a matter of
reinstalling software upgrades since I last made a backup. Probably
don't make backups as often as I should(I made one earlier this week,
but my second most recent backup is date in February, but the method I
use requires that the partition being backed up be unmounted, so
creating a backup requires booting from the liveDVD). On a related
note, when things go wrong on my Raspbery Pi, I usually just reimage
the SD card as anything important I was using onthe Pi was copied from
my desktop or on external storage.

Also, you're forgetting the fourth group: Those who care, but reject
both advocacy groups as doing more harm than good. In analogy to US
politics, the NFB and ACB are the Democrats and Republican
parties(which is which doesn't matter), the apathetics are non-voters,
and the fourth group I just mentioned are the minor parties. As it
turns out, I'm in the fourth of these groups in both cases, or at
least, what has been said on this list in the last few days says
dealing with either the NFB or ACB is likely to be more trouble than
it's worth.


Jeffery Wright
President Emeritus, Nu Nu Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa.
Former Secretary, Student Government Association, College of the Albemarle.

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