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So, if Debian is all we have, pretty much, who cares about
	accessibility, what is there for those who want a clean, but
	up-to-date system other than Arch? As a user, of Emacs with
	Emacspeak and Voxin mostly, I find Arch stable enough to
	basically do a job. I "work" 3 hours a day with teaching clients
	Assistive technology, with Emacs, atop Arch. Which reminds me, I
	should set up an Outlook rule which forwards all incoming email
	from that darn exchange server to my gmail address... Anyways,
	I’m just a user speaking, I do not yet know a programming
	language, besides a bit of lisp, how to successfully print in
	Python, and a few HTML rules, enough to know that when I htmlize
	some Org markup, it’ll look okay on Outlook in HTML message
	mode. All this to say, I want up to date packages. I /know/
	there will be bugs. There /always/ is bugs in any system. iOS’s
	Braille input is sluggish, probably a memory leak, Android’s
	Braille support just plain stinks, like Narrator on Win XP, and
	the Mate notification system repeats itself. So really, I’ll
	take a /few/ bugs for freedom and updated packages any day.. 
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> Tony Baechler here.
> Thanks for the Fenrir link. I'll go get it. I've looked at the SBL
> source, or what I could find of it. No, it doesn't need a kernel
> module. The problem is it's tied into Knoppix, so I think would be
> difficult to package. It's mostly bash scripts which I guess are a
> talking menu system. I didn't see a way to actually compile an
> executable, but I'm sure I wasn't finding the full sources even though
> I looked. It is or was somewhere on I think it hasn't
> been maintained for a long time. If I recall correctly, the source was
> several years old. If it's in opensuse as you say, you should be able
> to get and extract the RPM package. If you find it and get it working,
> I would be interested.
> On 4/24/2017 6:05 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> I haven't ever found the SBL source code, although I did want to try to
>> package it for Arch at one point. That said, I'm not sure whether or not
>> anyone is even still maintaining it now, and not having seen the source or
>> the package dependencies, I'm not entirely sure it doesn't rely on a kernel
>> module of its own. I do know that Fenrir has no such requirement at all, and
>> the source is on Github.
>> At this point, it can run on any Linux distro, although Debian and Ubuntu
>> LTS may have trouble with the newer python-evdev required in order to run
>> it. But that's easily fixed with pip.
>> ~Kyle
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