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Wed Apr 26 16:52:14 UTC 2017

I think you should consider using either ubuntu sts or debian testing. A 
couple of years ago, I switched my entire userbase, like 200 end-users, 
over to ubuntu sts. That's updated every 6 months.
I use it on my desktop and have never had any significant problems. We 
have about 80 machines in offices (some of them are shared by several 
students), about 30 lab machines, and 7 small super computers, all 
running ubuntu desktop sts. ?We have had no problems what so ever with 
the office or the super computers. But we have had some problems with 
kernel instability in the labs. Those machines are part of a 
beowulf/condor cluster and are shared by a few dozen grad students. So 
some user might be remotely running a fluid dynamics modelling program 
while someone else at the console is updating their youtube channel. So 
I doubt the problem has anything to do with ubuntu.

I am currently working on trying debian testing on those lab machines. I 
used to run debian testing on my own desktops all the time. I never had 
any problems. I know plenty of other people who do the same. I've heard 
of the occasional problem but I think mostly, debian testing is way more 
stable than the name would imply. I've done probably 50 automated 
installs over the past few weeks and I have been very impressed with 
debian testing/stretch.

-- John Heim

On 04/26/2017 04:22 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> #+OPTIONS: latex:t toc:nil H:3
> So, if Debian is all we have, pretty much, who cares about
> 	accessibility, what is there for those who want a clean, but
> 	up-to-date system other than Arch? As a user, of Emacs with
> 	Emacspeak and Voxin mostly, I find Arch stable enough to
> 	basically do a job. I "work" 3 hours a day with teaching clients
> 	Assistive technology, with Emacs, atop Arch. Which reminds me, I
> 	should set up an Outlook rule which forwards all incoming email
> 	from that darn exchange server to my gmail address... Anyways,
> 	I’m just a user speaking, I do not yet know a programming
> 	language, besides a bit of lisp, how to successfully print in
> 	Python, and a few HTML rules, enough to know that when I htmlize
> 	some Org markup, it’ll look okay on Outlook in HTML message
> 	mode. All this to say, I want up to date packages. I /know/
> 	there will be bugs. There /always/ is bugs in any system. iOS’s
> 	Braille input is sluggish, probably a memory leak, Android’s
> 	Braille support just plain stinks, like Narrator on Win XP, and
> 	the Mate notification system repeats itself. So really, I’ll
> 	take a /few/ bugs for freedom and updated packages any day..

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