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With the Mac, if you wait a minute or two after start up, a message
	comes up asking if you’d like to start Voiceover. Think about
	that approach for a while.
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> Tony Baechler here.
> I have two major problems with this argument, namely what Chris says
> in that Talking Arch should be a separate project. I feel strongly
> that speech and Braille should be part of all boot media for all
> mainstream distros unless it wouldn't be practical, such as for very
> small systems or due to space limitations on the boot media.
> First, I guess it's just me, but pressing a key or two at the boot
> prompt really isn't a big deal. My boot loader lets me pick what OS I
> want to boot. I have to press a number for the partition I want. If
> you use GRUB and want to boot into recovery mode, you press the down
> arrow, whether you're blind or sighted. If you want to boot a custom
> Linux kernel command line, you type it in. Pressing the letter "s" and
> Enter to start speech in Debian and Slackware is hardly what I would
> call an inconvenience. Granted, I agree that I would rather not have
> to press aspecial keys, but if it keeps most people happy (the sighted
> don't want speech) and allows an accessible install, it's fine with
> me.
> The second major problem I have is that unless I'm mistaken, it's
> still impossible for the blind to install Windows without help. Much
> of it can be automated and maybe Win10 has Narrator during the
> install, I'm not sure. The point is speech doesn't start automatically
> and there are far more keys to randomly press to get speech. In the
> past, I had someone install Windows for me before I could install a
> screen reader. One area where Linux shines is there are distros which
> only require a key or two at boot to have a fully talking installer
> which is identical to what the sighted use. Even the Mac can't do
> that, although one can start VoiceOver during the installation.
> On 4/24/2017 8:21 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Kelly Prescott here.
>> It takes a lot of effort to make a boot environment talk...  I know, because
>> that is what I am working on.
>> I am not speaking of Linux, I am speaking of a boot loader.
>> When I finish my boot loader, then it might be realistic to have a normal
>> arch cd with some boot options.
>> Until that happens, I agree with Chris.  I don't like to boot and guess what
>> to type and when.
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