Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Thu Apr 27 14:17:34 UTC 2017

Saying a serial console is not kernel dependent is inaccurate and 
misleading. The part that displays the kernel boot messages is 
absolutely kernel dependent. I think you mean that you can get messages 
even earlier by, as a seperate step,  configuring a serial console in 
the boot loader, right? And that is a good point. Although, you can also 
configure those messages to go to a serial synth and hear them as well. 
I don't know if that works with all serial synths but I know it works 
with a doubletalk LT and a tripletalk.

-- John Heim

On 04/26/2017 08:58 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I clearly recall stating that the serial console is *not* kernel
> dependent. I clearly stated that I can get *boot loader* messages using
> my computer's serial console, which are printed to the output device
> long before the kernel starts. If my kernel fails to start for any
> reason, I know it, and I am much more likely to be able to figure out
> why, because I have serial output long before there is a loaded kernel.
> ~Kyle
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