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Le 27/04/2017 à 22:04, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> According to Jean-Philippe MENGUAL:
> # That is why I think we should have pre-installed Linux computers, new,
> but to a typical Mac price.
> Not at all. I for one don't want to have to pay the ridiculous price of
> a Mac, and adding to the price certainly doesn't add to the value of the
> computer, nor of the operating system that runs on it. Cost-free is

No but it enables to have a true structure to warranty and ensure
support or fixing problems. Except if the company is in India or
whatever country.

> certainly not a sustainable answer, but low-cost certainly can be,
> especially with all the low-cost computers available these days. For

They are more and more closed, locked, or just not powerful enough for a
end-user usage.

> example, it is now possible for me to sell a complete Linux solution to
> anyone who needs it for the same $200 to $300 USD that matches the cost
> of all these Windows PC sales we see in our local stores, and that
> includes any markup for labor cost putting everything together and
> installing the software. Additionally, the savings the end user will see

ok. Please give me the model, I'm interested. A new computer? Powerful
enough to run Firefox, LibreOffice at the same time? Where do you buy
it? Here I have only >770 euros computers, without OS.

Furthermore, how much do you pay for your install work time? This
economic questions interest me very much.

> on his/her power bill each month will make it pay for itself before it
> is obsoleted by newer and better hardware. Is this sustainable?

Not sure I understand, sorry.

> Absolutely, as long as there are customers. My only real worry now is
> the Android tablet market that may drive people to purchase these
> instead of a desktop computer, even if the desktop computer is much
> smaller and more portable than the traditional version used to be, and
> even though the operating system that is running on the microdesktop is
> far more robust.
> ~Kyle
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