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Fri Apr 28 09:50:31 UTC 2017

Tony Baechler here.

Are you sure you mean grub and not beep or sox? I would think grub exits 
after passing control to the running kernel. My machine doesn't have an 
internal speaker, so I use sox to play a beep. I found that even if a 
machine has a speaker, it can be hard to hear. I created a custom startup 
sound for my live CD, but due to some bug I haven't figured out, it doesn't 
play on boot anymore.

Regarding WP, try wp-cli. My guess is your database wasn't upgraded after 
doing a WordPress upgrade. If you use wp-cli, you can do everything from new 
installs to setting up multiple sites from the command line. It's a lot 
easier than firing up a browser.

On 4/26/2017 6:27 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Maybe you could do it with a USB headset. The IAVIT wordpress site,
>,  has been down for a while. I just got it working again
> last night.  Lets see if we can get this working and post it there.
> I have howtos on my space on on how to build a kernel patched
> for hardware synths and on how to get grub to play a tune at boot time. The
> boot time tune thing is pretty cool because I have a lot of machines in my
> office and I can tell which one has finished rebooting by the tune it plays.
> PS: I was getting the so-called "white screen of death" from wordpress. I
> did everything on the wordpress "How to fix the white screen of death" page
> but it didn't help. I finally totally reinstalled.

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