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Ah crap, gotta find an accessible screen recorder! I used to use one,
	GTK recordmydesktop, on arch, but I’m not sure where it went.
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> Tony Baechler here.
> On 4/27/2017 3:34 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> I think it's fair to say that, for Linux to ever break into the
>> mainstream, we need mainstream PC makers and PC retailers to commit to
>> offering machines that come pre-installed with Linux and not hide
>> their Linux offerings where only those specifically looking for Linux
>> will find it.
> I agree, unfortunately. Most users don't care about Linux. As another
> poster said, it's to the advantage of Microsoft to convince them that
> Linux is too hard to learn. That's where we as the blind have an
> advantage. Until we live in a perfect world, the blind are used to
> things not being accessible. Even at a young age, you realize you
> can't read print and you need either Braille, audio or electronic
> books. Therefore, the concept of Windows not being accessible out of
> the box is far from complex to grasp. Yes, there are screen readers,
> but there are still lots of inaccessible apps and web sites out there.
> My point is that since we're already used to inaccessibility of
> things, it makes more sense that the next logical step would be Linux,
> especially if it is accessible out of the box, has a talking install,
> ships screen readers already part of the desktop and doesn't cost a
> fortune to upgrade. If you can show someone that they can do the same
> things in Linux but in a more accessible way, they are more likely to
> be interested. Of course the majority won't switch, but some will,
> especially if it's all over YouTube. In other words, put together
> actual videos of blind people using Orca for daily tasks and
> installing Ubuntu MATE by themselves.
> I have to say this is one area wherespecialized distros are better.
> Ideally, you put a Ubuntu DVD in the drive, boot it and it comes up
> talking, similar to the Mac. In reality, that takes time convincing
> upstream. This is why I strongly suggest working with Ubuntu and
> developing an official flavor for the blind which would have that
> ability. If there is something like Vinux which does that while still
> offering the same apps, that might be a more viable option for the
> immediate future. I would rather see the Talking Arch approach though,
> where it's identical to what you get with regular Arch but with
> speech. That brings me back to getting the word out there as much as
> possible and getting a nonprofit to really push upstream distro
> developers.
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