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On Do, Apr 27, 2017 at 12:16:36 +0000, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>Thank you for additional information on SBl and the link.

Your wellcome :-).

>I have no idea how old the version of SBL I'm using is, but as far as
>I'm concerned, it has yet to show it's age, and if I had a bug to
>report, it would be that it isn't available precompiled for more

Your right. AFAIK it is not compiled for any system that uses apt and 
for rpm based systems it might be available for SUSE only. So compiling 
it from source is necessary on most systems.

>I don't have much experience compiling things from
>source, but now that I have SBL's source, I think I might try getting
>it running on a clean install of Debian 64-bit.

That is no problem, I also use the newest Debian with sbl. The only 
thing which is not working are the start-stop-scripts for the systemd 

BTW.: During this discussion many things have been said about commercial 
and specialized distros, but IMHO things like systemd or pulseaudio are 
much more problematic for people who are using screen readers on linux. 
For example getting sbl working with speech-dispatcher is a pain on 



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