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On Fr, Apr 28, 2017 at 03:59:46 -0700, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>While this looks interesting, I see a few major problems:
>1. It only supports a few speech synths. It looks like Mbrola is the only 
>software speech. You can't even use ESpeak.

You can use any speech synth which is supported by speech-dispatcher, so 
also espeak or espeak-ng.

>2. It requires a patched 2.2 kernel. Version 2.2 is rather ancient and long 
>since dead. I didn't see a way in my quick reading of the docs to use newer 

Thats right if you want to use sbl with the patch for the 
keyboard sniffer which is needed if sbl is used without a braille 

>3. The last git commit was from 2013. I'm a little concerned when I see 
>things like "not tested."

There is a git repository and if someone wants to change things on sbl, 
fix bugs, e.g., the developper will be happy about any commits :-).

but as said before, we have brltty and sbl which are both good screen 
readers for the console of linux IMHO. sbl has some nice features which 
aren't available for brltty, brltty supports more braille devices, is 
available for much more distros, much more people know it, e.g. From my 
point of view it would be cool if both, brltty and sbl, would become one 
screen reader with all features that both have now.



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