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Fri Apr 28 22:43:40 UTC 2017

hey guys,
I forwarded this over from the Phoenix Linux Users Group. Perhaps one of us can help out?


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> From: "der.hans" <PLUGd at LuftHans.com>
> Subject: accessible web-authoring system
> Date: April 28, 2017 12:32:48 PM MST
> To: quatsch <PLUG-discuss at lists.phxlinux.org>
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> moin moin,
> anyone have experience with an accessible Free Software web-authoring
> system?
> A friend works in accessibiilty ( all sorts of physical and mental
> handicaps ) and is asking for a recommendation.
> I presume Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress have plugins to help, but I have
> no experience. The closest thing I have to experience is demos from some
> blind guys using emacs for their own infrastructure. Amazing, but not the
> first thing to suggest.
> ciao,
> der.hans
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