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Tony Baechler here. I'm sure others will chime in, but here are my thoughts:

1. The most accessible is plain, static HTML. Obviously not practical for 
large sites, but for a few pages, it's good enough.

2. WordPress is the most popular. It's generally very accessible. There are 
things which could be made better, but it's good enough to design decent 
sites. I ran a podcast with it.

3. Drupal is also very good, but the latest major release (8.0.X) is very 
difficult to use and far from accessible unless I missed something obvious. 
I had it running on a server and it was so bad that I gave up. 7.X should be 
better, but will reach end of life in a year or two and only gets bug and 
security fixes.

Joomla is very inaccessible and should absolutely be avoided. I couldn't do 
anything with it, but that was a long time ago. The key is if the admin 
interface is accessible or not. I would go with WordPress due to the huge 
number of themes, frequent updates and overall decent accessibility.

Another option is wiki software. There are a lot of wiki packages out there. 
I liked ikiwiki when I looked at it. It obviously depends on the site you're 
designing. Of the above, I think only ikiwiki is fully accessible with a 
text browser, but WordPress is tolerable. You can do most functions with 
wp-cli if you like the command line. Drupal has drush, but I couldn't get it 
to work. WordPress is much easier to upgrade and can do minor updates itself.

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> hey guys,
> I forwarded this over from the Phoenix Linux Users Group. Perhaps one of us can help out?
> -eric
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>> moin moin,
>> anyone have experience with an accessible Free Software web-authoring
>> system?
>> A friend works in accessibiilty ( all sorts of physical and mental
>> handicaps ) and is asking for a recommendation.
>> I presume Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress have plugins to help, but I have
>> no experience. The closest thing I have to experience is demos from some
>> blind guys using emacs for their own infrastructure. Amazing, but not the
>> first thing to suggest.

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