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Sat Apr 29 14:33:17 UTC 2017

I don't see the full thread below, but if you're talking about the 
National Braille Press, they also offer books in other formats, such as 
text, Word and DAISY. An audio book could still be produced though. I 
just wanted to point out that the NBP doesn't mean just braille.

Christopher (CJ)
chaltain at Gmail

On 29/04/17 09:22, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> On a related note, is there any non-profit/government agency that
> deals with making audiobooks that might could be talked into
> converting such a ""Linux for (blind) newbies" into an audiobook? A
> braille edition should exist for completeness sake and because audio
> isn't viable for the blind deaf, but I would think the audio version
> would be usable by a greater number since it wouldn't require the
> audience to have special skills going in.

Christopher (CJ)
chaltain at Gmail

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