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Oh wow, thanks. I'll be looking forward to using f123e when it's
	available and ready for usage! I’m probably gonna be best at
	proof reading documents though, since I’m very new to actually
	using Emacs+Emacspeak full time.
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> Agreed. We plan to address that by giving people the ability to open
> an instance of X with a GUI browser.
> No tool will have everything, but Linux gives us enough flexibility to
> make-up for the short-comings of text browsers.
> Fernando
> On 04/29/2017 11:55 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> The biggest problem that I see, with Emacspeak alone, is web access. For
>> 	now, as far as I know, that is no way to, say, browse Facebook
>> 	within Emacs. Try it. Besides that, Emacs is fine for me, as a
>> 	non-programmer with time to learn interfaces.
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