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Sun Apr 30 00:23:28 UTC 2017

The reason that I only work within the public domain is because of the 
misconception that copyright monopolies are the only means by which 
artists and authors may be paid for their work. However, this is a myth 
that has been propagated since the copyright monopoly was originally 
decreed by the King of England in the 16th century, who, in order to 
control seditious publications at that time, designated a single 
publishing firm of his choosing, that any and all authors who wished to 
have anything at all printed were compelled to use. Naturally, this firm 
would not accept any material that in any way painted the government in 
a less than perfect light, and all other printing by any other 
individual or company was a criminal act. The next king was much more in 
favor of openness, and would have allowed any and all publication to 
flourish once again, but the former king's chosen publishing firm was 
sitting rather pretty financially, and petitioned Parliament to allow 
them to continue to have the monopoly, citing of course putting food on 
the table and supporting families as the reason to allow the monopoly to 
continue to exist. This gave rise to what we now call copyright, which 
continues to propagate these myths to this day. As it turns out, now 
more than ever, we have technology that will allow artists and authors 
to be fairly compensated for their work without censorship or monopoly 
of any kind, but this technology is seen by the powers that be as a 
threat rather than an alternative solution. For further information 
explained in a better way than I can do in an e-mail, have a look at
Also, the rest of the site has even more really 
good information about what a copyright monopoly is, what it is not and 
how to best debunk the myths surrounding it. Hope this helps, at least a 

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