Announcing 4.10. Debian Speakup kernel packages

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Sun Apr 30 12:03:35 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I've compiled the Debian kernel 4.10.7 source with the latest Speakup 
patches from speakup2.tgz. They are only for AMD64, but if there is demand, 
I'll compile for x86 32-bit. They should be identical to the Debian 4.10.7 
packages except for the Speakup patches. I also uploaded 4.3.3 and 4.6.4 
which don't have the patches but have the hack to grab the serial ports. 
While they are for Debian, they should work on Ubuntu or any derivative. I'm 
running Debian testing and they work fine, but you use them at your own 
risk. They should be fine on Debian stable and unstable, but if you're 
running a very old version like Squeeze, they won't work because the version 
of udev is too old. If you run into problems, let me know.

To install, do the following:

1. Download the linux-image package for the version you want, such as 4.10.

2. As root or with sudo:

dpkg -i linux-imageXXX

Replace XXX with the full package name, including .deb.

While it should do the right thing, you might want to run update-grub just 
in case. It should show the new package you just installed. Assuming you get 
no errors, reboot. Make sure you have a rescue CD just in case. There is no 
apt repository.

Note: The source and dbg packages aren't included for space reasons. The 
source is identical except for speakup2.tgz. If you really need a dbg 
package, let me know. Thanks to for hosting.

I only have a DECTalk Express here, so if you have problems with other 
synths, let me know, not that I can actually fix anything. I'm not a 
programmer, I just compile the kernels with kernel-package.

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