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Sun Apr 30 16:18:37 UTC 2017

I remember that Icon thing. I actually wanted one at the time I saw it, 
but first off, I never had the budget for it and felt that the price was 
a bit steep, and worse still, I was already using Espeak at that time, 
and was highly disappointed to learn that at least then, I wasn't able 
to change the voice it used. The voice it came with hurt my ears, 
especially on those little cheap speakers on the smaller unit, and when 
I told the company representative this, and asked if I could use a 
different voice, I got a rather evil sounding laugh indicating how dare 
I even speak such blasphemy. So I decided at that time that I wouldn't 
even try to find all that money, and I'm glad I did, as I now have a 
full Linux desktop made from off-the-shelf hardware, talking, capable of 
running from an external battery, equipped with a wireless keyboard and 
all for less than $200.

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