Fenrir doesn't talk.

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Fri Aug 4 08:17:38 UTC 2017


Thanks for the typo :) i fixed it.
What distro are you using? fenrir needs a very current system  
python>=3.3, python3-evdev >=0.6.4, current version of sox what  
contains opus support for opus soundIcons (but for soundicons you also  
can use WAV or the gstreamer backend).
Are you using master or stable? are you using pulseaudo or plain alsa?  
(alsa should work out of the box, pulse would need some configuration  
to stream the "root" soundoutput to your user)
can you post the output of check-dependencies?
fenrir is written in python3 so you may need to take care if you  
install the python2 or python3 version of an module.

what happens if you just type in the bash:
(python opens)
>>> import speechd

maybe you can produce a debug out for me. (with master)
sudo rm /var/log/fenrir.log
sudo /path/to/fenrir/fenrir -d
(stop fenrir)
send me /var/log/fenrir.log

there is also some user documentation found here:

Cheers Chrys

Zitat von Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com>:

> I have all the "dependencys" installed. However, it complains that
> python3-speechd and python3-espeak are missing. They aren't. Neither
> is speech dispatcher. Fenrir starts but doesn't talk. What should I
> try?
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