fenrir setup?

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Fri Aug 4 19:52:43 UTC 2017

I have used fenrir git version for a little while and have tried 
insert-h to get help up and that doesn't work.  super-h doesn't work and 
even kp(insert)-h doesn't work.  (keypad)8 plays a couple different 
sounds depending on number of times it is pressed it appears to toggle 
those sounds.
Originally I was thinking speakup and fenrir were fighting until 
checking contents of /etc/fenrir/settings/ out but that's not the case. 
It's just that fenrir introduces keyboard latency.  What surprised me 
though is I have speech-dispatcher installed on this system and fenrir 
did not use that synthesizer as its default even though 
speech-dispatcher got installed before fenrir.  Speech-dispatcher speaks 
nicely when first started but as keys are typed speech quality degrades 
fast to the point where many parts of many words do not get spoken.  But 
then all of this could be because speech-dispatcher needs configuring. 
I downloaded voices for speech-dispatcher and unpacked them and need to 
read some more of what I can find on the web pages to get a default 
speech-dispatcher voice selected.  I want to do that since that probably 
helps me get speechd-el working inside emacs too.

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> Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2017 12:31:35
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> Subject: fenrir setup?
> Can speakup be turned off once fenrir starts?  I got the fenrir-git aur 
> package installed and apparently running on this system a little earlier 
> today.
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