I need to get speakup to wirk. Suggestions?

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Fri Aug 4 23:10:58 UTC 2017

If you're still debugging, you might want to try isolating where y our
problem is. First step, imo, is to ascertain that espeak is installed
and working as expected.

>From a terminal window/console type:

espeak hello

If you heard it say the word "Hello," you're ready for the next step. I
recommend you check whether espeakup is running. This is the part of the
connection between speakup and espeak. Try the command:

pidof espeakup

This should return a number which is the process ID of the currently
running espeakup. If you do not get that, your espeakup is either not
installed or not running.

Lastly, check whether speakup and the speakup_soft modules are loaded.
Try typing:

lsmod |grep speakup

This should return two lines of output, one with speakup_soft and the
other with speakup itself.



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> If you run ubuntu, speakup should already be in your kernel.
> At your terminal in the GUI, do sudo su
> then modprobe speakup_soft start=1
> You should just get back to a prompt.
> Then from your console, run espeakup
> If it works, you can automate all of this.
> Also make sure you have sound in the console. with some versions of Ubuntu,
> you need to add the user to group audio.
> HTH, Willem
> On Mon, 31 Jul 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> > I'm using Orca on Ubuntu MATE. I want to use several terminal
> > applications because I'm unsatisfied with the desktop apps I currently
> > use.
> > Orca's terminal support sucks.
> > I've installed speakup, but it never runs when I switch to terminal.
> > Any suggestions for fixes I might try? Thanks.
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