getting started with debian, suggestions anyone?

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Mon Aug 14 21:23:50 UTC 2017

Go into a terminal and type:
modprobe speakup.soft
Then type:
and see if you get speech.
You could scrap the install and start over, but were I you and did that 
I'd get into debian main menu by typing (<) at a prompt that's the less 
than sign sift the comma and I would change priority to low by keying 
change priority's number then keying in the number on submenu for low. 
Then I would key in the number to preserve log files and choose mounted 
partition for that and then hit enter on default choice.  Then I'd 
continue with the installation.  The log files are of interest to the 
debian-boot email list and a problem you experienced may get discovered 
by them and corrected for your hardware that way.

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> Subject: getting started with debian, suggestions anyone?
>    Hi all,
> I'm looking to get started seriously in debian, although I appear to be
> having several problems. First off, my initial hope was to be able to
> work exclusivly in the commandline with espeakup, which I understand
> should be installed by default when using the accessable installer from
> the netinstall. However, after going through the installation, selecting
> standard system utilities, ssh server and web server I don't appear to
> have speech. I do, however have the console beap after logging in which
> suggests to me that the installation was succesfull. I'm half tempted to
> scrap this current instance and reinstall, but my question is do any of
> you have any combinations from that main installation screen that you
> would suggest using?
> Thanks much for any help with this.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
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