Orca speech still messed up

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Mon Aug 14 22:07:32 UTC 2017


did you try to renew all configuration files for speech-dispatcher
# move global configuration for speech-dispatcher
sudo mv /etc/speech-dispatcher/ /etc/speech-dispatcher-old
# remove your user specific settings
sudo rm -r /home/<user>/.config/speech-dispatcher/
# remove any root specific settings
sudo rm -r /root/.config/speech-dispatcher/
and resinstall speech-dispatcher then?
cheers chrys
Am 14.08.2017 um 23:53 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion:
> The only espeak.conf file now left on my system is my modified
> version, the same file that allowed me to adjust the rate before.
> Espeak is still slow and raises the pitch for capitalized words.
> BTW, under Orca preferences I cannot select espeak as the synthesizer.
> It only lets me select "default synthesizer".
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