Sound works as user but not as root

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Mon Aug 28 22:22:38 UTC 2017


I cannot see any constructive here.
its not that far away i had similar problems with ALSA or ESD.
so "i hate that" is not usefull lol
problems like this are solvable. anything else is just stupid rant...

there are 2 possible solutions:
1. stream the "root" sound to the user. (see fenrirs 
"" script)
2. run pulse system wide (ALSA does the same here caused by design, what 
it doesn't make it more secure by design....)

cheers chrys

Am 28.08.2017 um 13:53 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion:
> I believe pulseaudio considers this a feature, not a bug.
> For me it denotes yet another reason why I hate pulse.
> Janina
> Linux for blind general discussion writes:
>> Both the commands "spd-conf --test-pulse" and "spd-conf --test-alsa
>> play sound when run as user but fail as root.
>> This could be why I've had so much trouble with Fenrir.
>> Running spd-say also only works as user.
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