Installing RHEL 7

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Wed Dec 6 17:15:25 UTC 2017

Hi Janina and all,

> Am 06.12.2017 um 16:05 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at>:
> I've never known RHEL to be friendly to blind users whether at
> installation, or even once installed.

I’ve read there is orca support when the system is installed. Also brltty seems to be available as a package. But the problem is the installation. As far as I can see there is no support for braille or speech and a unattended installation requires a tool which is only available when you pay for a subscription.

> If you need to install RHEL, get sighted assistance. After all, you just
> paid $$ for the product, right?

Yes, thats right. I was just curious if we can install RHEL without sighted assistance which would be nice.

> If you need a very similar environment on your own machine, install
> Fedora. You will reliably learn RHEL from Fedora, they're extremely
> similar by design.

Can Fedora be installed without sighted assistance? If yes, how?

I need RHEL because I have to learn to use some tools running on it, puppet, foreman, e.g. In my job I will use this tools via CLI and I will ssh to the servers, so no problem, but currently I’d like to build an own little environment to play around with the new tools.

Maybe Fedora would a good solution as long as I can setup my own little playground without asking for sighted help all the time…



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