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Thu Dec 7 10:43:26 UTC 2017

Hi Janina,

On Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 02:39:10PM -0500, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>However, people on the Orca list have reported success installing Fedora
>using Orca from the Live image.

Thanks for this feedback. I had no success when I was trying to install 
Fedora without a sighted person a few months ago but maybe I'll give it 
another try.

>There's also the possibility of installing Fedora using a kickstart file
>which would actually teach you a lot about the RHEL/Fedora installation

Yes, I know kickstart and I also thought to build my own kickstart 
installation file to get a working system up and running, but the 
scope in my future work will be Puppet and Foreman on already installed 
systems and so I do not want spend to much time on how RHEL can be 
installed. I just wanted to setup a environment based on RHEL, or 
another system similar to Redhat, quickly to start playing around with 
the mensioned tools.

>Also, please note that the free of cost RHEL clone is called CentOS:

Thanks, that was a good reminder :-).

Lastly I was able to install the latest Centos 7 into a lxc container 
which is possible without any problem without sighted help. My host 
system is Debian Stretch. I think the aproach with lxc is good enough 
for my needs, as said, I just want to learn to setup and configure 
Puppet and take a look at Foreman and this can be done with some lxc 
containers running Centos IMHO.

>The bottom line here is that you should be OK administering RHEL, just
>not installing it via it's installation system except for possibly
>installing via kickstart.

Yes, full ACK. When access via ssh is possible working with RHEL and 
administrating RHEL based systems should be possible without a problem.

All the best from Munich and thanks for your input :-),


Christian Schoepplein - <chris (at)> -

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