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Hi, Schoepp:

There's one more way that costs a little money, but provides a lot of

I'm a big fan of the on line data center My domain, is hosted on Linode in Newark, NJ, USA, but they have
locations around the world including Frankfurt, probably your best

Check them out. They're amazingly accessible virtual environments you
can build, debug, and play with all you want. Crashed your machine? No
problem. lish is a fabulous get of jail tool!

Apropos this discussion, you can accessible install CentOS using your
Linode account.

If you do go there, tell them janina sent you, please!

PS: Want to setup a OpenVPN server? Linode will give you a /64 IPv6
block at no extra charge. The good news just goes on and on.


Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Hi Janina,
> On Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 02:39:10PM -0500, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> >However, people on the Orca list have reported success installing Fedora
> >using Orca from the Live image.
> Thanks for this feedback. I had no success when I was trying to install 
> Fedora without a sighted person a few months ago but maybe I'll give it 
> another try.
> >There's also the possibility of installing Fedora using a kickstart file
> >which would actually teach you a lot about the RHEL/Fedora installation
> >process.
> Yes, I know kickstart and I also thought to build my own kickstart 
> installation file to get a working system up and running, but the 
> scope in my future work will be Puppet and Foreman on already installed 
> systems and so I do not want spend to much time on how RHEL can be 
> installed. I just wanted to setup a environment based on RHEL, or 
> another system similar to Redhat, quickly to start playing around with 
> the mensioned tools.
> >Also, please note that the free of cost RHEL clone is called CentOS:
> >
> >
> Thanks, that was a good reminder :-).
> Lastly I was able to install the latest Centos 7 into a lxc container 
> which is possible without any problem without sighted help. My host 
> system is Debian Stretch. I think the aproach with lxc is good enough 
> for my needs, as said, I just want to learn to setup and configure 
> Puppet and take a look at Foreman and this can be done with some lxc 
> containers running Centos IMHO.
> >The bottom line here is that you should be OK administering RHEL, just
> >not installing it via it's installation system except for possibly
> >installing via kickstart.
> Yes, full ACK. When access via ssh is possible working with RHEL and 
> administrating RHEL based systems should be possible without a problem.
> All the best from Munich and thanks for your input :-),
>   Schoepp
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