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Tue Dec 12 23:35:41 UTC 2017

I'm asking my friend to see if they can join this list and or e-mail you 
as they have more experience using various Linux distributions, whereas 
I only have used one.

He said that Cent OS, which is a Red Hat distribution has a completely 
different management than Debian-based systems. So I'm wondering if this 
list is for people who use Red Hat only, or if it includes discussions 
about Debian and Arch distributions.

-P.S. I'm also known as HeavenlyHarmony.

On 12/12/2017 3:29 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I apologize. Ulysses is generally a male name, at least here in the
> States. As for your being young, my kids are all older than u--so to
> me you're young. I had actually guessed your age at 22, so I was not
> far off.
> On 12/12/17, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> For your information, could you please address me properly? I am female,
>> and I do not know if there is anything that had implied that I was of a
>> much younger age, but I am twenty-three.
>> Sincerely,
>> -HeavenlyHarmony
>> On 12/12/2017 3:00 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>> Ulysses, if you've got an Apache webserver, then generally speaking
>>> the group to hwich the webserver belongs by default is www-data. So u
>>> would add the wordpressuser to that group. Again, your postfix error
>>> is telling u that your user/group permissions are incorrect.
>>> My web hosting invoicing program just crappe the bed. I really need to
>>> get that up first before I can provide much help. I apologize. I would
>>> be willing to try to help once I get this situation straightened out &
>>> a small website built for a client. But right now, young Sir, I'm a
>>> little inundated. Truthfully, given the way things are now, it's
>>> likely gonna be hard for me to get back w/u to any meaningful degree
>>> till after the first of the year. I'm sorry. Holidays w/a family &
>>> trying to run a business can get a little hectic. But if I can get my
>>> invoice program working in a reasonable timeframe, I'll get back on
>>> list sooner & see if I can't help u out. I hope that sounds fair.
>>> On 12/12/17, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> This is the guide I used to follow and set up Postfix.
>>>> The error occurred here. wordpressuser at vps:~$ echo "This is the body of
>>>> the e-mail." | mail -s "This is the subject of the e-mail." green_gables
>>>> _fan33 at
>>>> Can't canonicalize "/home/wordpressuser/Maildir"
>>>> wordpressuser at vps:~$ postdrop: warning: /etc/postfix/
>>>> file is owned or writable by non-root users -- skip
>>>> ping this file
>>>> Could you be less vague. I.E. provide actual steps on how to fix this
>>>> problem? I'll outline the steps I took when I read this sentence. Your
>>>> problem w/WordPress is that you likely don't have the user of the
>>>> wordpress files belonging to the webserver group. Once u make that
>>>> happen, your updating problems will disappear. U need to set the file
>>>> permissions back to a safer level, or your site wil get hacked.
>>>> I only understood you as far as needing to change the ownership of the
>>>> WordPressfiles and their permissions. /var/www/html/blog, where blog is
>>>> the folder that contains WordPress, is as follows, using Win SCP. blog
>>>> Owner: wordpressuser, Group: wordpressuser, Type: File folder, Rights:
>>>> rwsrwsrwt, Changed: 12/12/2017 1:58:35 P
>>>> Based on your statement, I assumed that I needed to change ownership of
>>>> both group and user, and change permissions to Apache2, MySQL, and PHP
>>>> to the same user that WordPress is set to.
>>>> /etc/apache2, /etc/mysql, and /etc/php
>>>> apache2 Owner: wordpressuser, Group: wordpressuser, Type: File folder,
>>>> Rights: rwsrwsrwt, Changed: 11/28/2017 1:25:20 A mysql Owner:
>>>> wordpressuser, Group: wordpressuser, Type: File folder, Rights:
>>>> rwsrwsrwt, Changed: 10/29/2017 6:02:10 P php Owner: wordpressuser,
>>>> Group: wordpressuser, Type: File folder, Rights: rwsrwsrwt, Changed:
>>>> 9/16/2017 12:33:01 P
>>>> I tried updating a plug-in, but it is still giving me the same error
>>>> message. If you want to do an actual session where you could try to help
>>>> me via phone or Skype, I let me know if you would like to pay you a
>>>> small sum or if you'd like to volunteer your time.
>>>> Also, you didn't specify how having all files and folders set to 7777
>>>> would increase the level of attack if Cloudflare is supposed to keep
>>>> people from finding out my IP address, or if they tried accessing
>>>> wp-content/uploads and put malicious PHP scripts.
>>>> I think Windows servers have their place in the universe, but why they
>>>> have to be expensive I know not. Yes, Linux is all done via bash and
>>>> SSH, whereas Windows is done via remote desktop. And for some people, if
>>>> you want to get things done without worrying about command lines, you
>>>> could try C-Panel or something simple, but if you want to know how and
>>>> why things work, and how the puzles all fit together, you can learn as
>>>> long as you have a good support sytem, and many people do not have that.
>>>> What kind of certain web components would be redirected that would make
>>>> it difficult for a beginner to work around? How accessible is
>>>> cloudflare? I noticed some unusual buttons that have vague labels and
>>>> whatnot. I am using NVDA on Windows 10 with Google Chrome and Firefox.
>>>> -Ulysses
>>>> On 12/12/2017 1:19 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>>>> Ulysses, provide your error logs & we can assist w/the postfix
>>>>> problem. If those error logs contain information u don't wish on a
>>>>> public list, then go ahead & email me privately at
>>>>> abletec at g mail dot com. You can't copy-&-paste that email, as I've
>>>>> munged it to prevent spam harvesting, but u should be able to figure
>>>>> it out.
>>>>> Your problem w/WordPress is that you likely don't have the user of the
>>>>> wordpress files belonging to the webserver group. Once u make that
>>>>> happen, your updating problems will disappear. U need to set the file
>>>>> permissions back to a safer level, or your site wil get hacked.
>>>>> Unless there's a compelling reason to do so, ie, you're developing
>>>>> some sort of Windows software, my recommendation would be to use Linux
>>>>> to host websites. It's cheaper, &, IMO, also more secure for a number
>>>>> of reasons. I realize I'll likely encounter the ire of some on this
>>>>> list for saying thus, but it really is a fact, IMO.
>>>>> I would also advise disabling Cloudflare until you get everything set
>>>>> up, because it tends to add an additional layer in terms of
>>>>> redirecting certain web components that makes things hard for a
>>>>> beginner to learn & figure out what's going on.
>>>>> On 12/12/17, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>>>> My name is Ulysses Harmony Garcia. My web site is
>>>>>> I heard about I heard about
>>>>>> this mailing list through a Facebook post.
>>>>>>       For several years, I've been trying to figure out what kind of
>>>>>> services I
>>>>>>       could use to satisfy my needs. In the early 2010's, I looked into
>>>>>> shared
>>>>>>       hosting plans, but the more I looked at them, the more I didn't
>>>>>> like
>>>>>> them because I wanted to be able to have full
>>>>>>       control of the server. All they let you use is a public HTML
>>>>>> folder
>>>>>> and an FTP server port 21 or 990 for secure connections, and a
>>>>>> web-based
>>>>>> administration tool like Webmin or C-Panel. So I continued using
>>>>>> Dropbox
>>>>>> to host my web site. The only problem was that I had to use an http
>>>>>> colon slash slash dl dot dropboxusercontent dot com slash u slash
>>>>>> xxxxxxxx slash index dot html to render it, which is a pretty long
>>>>>> link,
>>>>>> but at least it worked.
>>>>>> Four years later, I looked into the cloud, SSD, and dedicated
>>>>>>       VPS options. By asking around, I heard of several different
>>>>>> choices
>>>>>> such as Linode,
>>>>>>       Vultr, Digital Ocean, OVH, and through a diary entry I had made
>>>>>> back
>>>>>> in
>>>>>>       2014, VPS dot Next, I had to learn about which operating system I
>>>>>> would most likely
>>>>>>       use for the server. Since 2005, I have primarily used Windows,
>>>>>>       and I started using a Mac in 2011. I have never used Linux, and I
>>>>>>       probably chose to stay away from it because I associated Linux as
>>>>>> an
>>>>>>       operating system only computer geeks would use. So when I was
>>>>>> looking
>>>>>> for a
>>>>>>       VPS, I was lucky to find a Windows server on vps dot net. However,
>>>>>> when I told others
>>>>>>       about it, many people acted like that was a crime, or that it was
>>>>>>       impractical to use Windows as a server, and that 99.99% of the web
>>>>>> was
>>>>>>       hosted by Linux, which was meant to be used as a server operating
>>>>>> system.
>>>>>>       I've done most of the work on my own. I first began with a Windows
>>>>>>       virtual private server at VPS dot net, but I was not able to set
>>>>>>       up the web server, database server and PHP to work on-line, except
>>>>>>       through Localhost. I wasn't able to use Internet Information
>>>>>> Services
>>>>>>       IIS either, so I gave up on it and cancelled my server.
>>>>>> Fortunately,
>>>>>> I kept my
>>>>>>       account active, so I could come back to it when I wasn't
>>>>>> overwhelmed.
>>>>>> I even tried enabling Internet Information Services on my Windows 10
>>>>>> computer by using the enable or disables Windows features. I checked
>>>>>> every one of them, but when I typed localhost in the connect to
>>>>>> computer
>>>>>> dialogue box, I got this message. IIS6 Manager  dialogue  Unable to
>>>>>> connect to localhost. The target server does not have the SMTP service
>>>>>> installed. You cannot manage an IIS 7.5 Web or FTP server by using
>>>>>> Internet Information Services (6.0) Manager.
>>>>>>       As primarily being an extroverted person, I get energy from
>>>>>> working
>>>>>> with
>>>>>>       other people rather than working alone, yet for some reason, I've
>>>>>>       encountered a lot of people who think that being too dependent on
>>>>>> others
>>>>>>       was a bad thing, that being completely independent was the best
>>>>>> way
>>>>>> to
>>>>>>       go. I disagree with that. I mean, I can see why some people
>>>>>> wouldn't
>>>>>>       want to be too dependent on others for fear of taking too much of
>>>>>>       someone's time or being too clingy, etc, or taking advantage of
>>>>>> said
>>>>>>       person, but I also believe that there needs to be a balance in
>>>>>> helping
>>>>>>       others and being self-reliable. This is where interdependence
>>>>>> comes
>>>>>> in. Manuals are never straightforward. You can follow the directions in
>>>>>> the manual as exactly outlined and end up with error messages. Even
>>>>>> googling error messages can't guarantee that you will get a quick
>>>>>> solution. Having said that, I have joined a few community forums and
>>>>>> posted these error messages, but never received replies.
>>>>>>       Back in July, I contacted a few people I know who were
>>>>>> successfully
>>>>>> using
>>>>>>       the popular content management system WordPress, and asked if they
>>>>>> could
>>>>>>       help out. One person, whose name I won't mention, said they could
>>>>>> set
>>>>>> up
>>>>>>       my web site, if I could provide $300/hr USD and that it was
>>>>>> estimated
>>>>>> to
>>>>>>       take four hours to set up to where I wanted it to be. Now, this
>>>>>> person
>>>>>>       is also blind. What I do not understand is how someone who may be
>>>>>>       knowledgeable about supplemental security income could decide to
>>>>>> charge
>>>>>>       such a high price to set up something simple, and that is
>>>>>>       semi-automated, and easy to install. I wrote a reply, and didn't
>>>>>> hear
>>>>>>       back for a month. I re-sent my reply and was told that if I wanted
>>>>>> to
>>>>>>       continue with the route that I choose, I would have to go on
>>>>>> Bookshare
>>>>>>       or BARD to download books on Windows server hosting, and that I
>>>>>> had
>>>>>>       sufficient resources on the Audio Games net forum to start.
>>>>>>       so in September, I finally found a fellow who turned out to be
>>>>>> someone I
>>>>>>       knew by reputation, and he offered to spend his free time in
>>>>>> helping
>>>>>> me
>>>>>>       out, especially since he has had plenty of experience in working
>>>>>> with
>>>>>>       virtual private servers and web hosting. If you ask him how he
>>>>>> liked
>>>>>> working with me, he might tell you that I learn things pretty quickly
>>>>>> once I get to actually learning the steps live on Skype or phone. I
>>>>>> also
>>>>>> record my sessions so I can look back and see what I did. By that time,
>>>>>> I was a little
>>>>>>       more knowledgeable in talking to others on this topic.
>>>>>> Look at post four.
>>>>>> I
>>>>>> told my new friend a little bit of what I've hoped to accomplish, and
>>>>>> what I
>>>>>>       have done so far, and how much experience I've already had. In
>>>>>> 2010
>>>>>>       through 2013, I worked on building an HTML 4.1 and 5 project in
>>>>>> high
>>>>>>       school using Notepad, and in 2013, I used CSS 3 to enhance it when
>>>>>> I
>>>>>>       took a college class in web development. In mid July of 2013, I
>>>>>> got
>>>>>>       myself a WordPress blog up and running, which has been since taken
>>>>>> down.
>>>>>>       I decided to export this blog and import it into the self-hosted
>>>>>>       version, and I was able to successfully link up all of my web
>>>>>> pages
>>>>>> to a podcast generator and the WordPress system.
>>>>>> Right now we are sort of stuck on where to go, since I already have a
>>>>>>       basic HTML site with no scripts on my Ubuntu VPS, a TeamTalk
>>>>>> server
>>>>>>       running, and hopefully an IceCast or ShoutCast server for
>>>>>> streaming.
>>>>>> I heard that you can get
>>>>>>       an e-mail provider through Google Aps and install their mail
>>>>>> exchange
>>>>>>       and text verification records, but they are quite costly, and I
>>>>>> don't
>>>>>>       know if you'd have to install anything on Ubuntu to make sure the
>>>>>> PHP
>>>>>>       contact forms worked properly. By following several guides on
>>>>>> Linode
>>>>>> and Digital Ocean, I was able to install Postfix and S-Nail, but I keep
>>>>>> getting error messages when I am trying to send a message as a test.
>>>>>> I also got an account through Cloudflare, and if you were to do a user
>>>>>> $
>>>>>> dig +short or root# dig +short
>>>>>> you'd see instead of my actual
>>>>>> server's IP address. If you tried using that directly, it'd say,
>>>>>> Cloudflare direct IP access not allowed. This is to keep attackers from
>>>>>> finding out what my server's IP address is. If they tried doing a who
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> on my domain, they'd see a privacy protect dot org notice instead of my
>>>>>> name.
>>>>>> Also, I really couldn't understand how C-Panel and Webmin
>>>>>> administration
>>>>>> tools worked until my friend showed me how he used the terminal on his
>>>>>> Cent OS VPS to install it. It sort of reminded me of PHP My Admin. You
>>>>>> simply put :2083, :2087, or :2086 at the end of your domain.
>>>>>> I also installed Certbot which uses Lets Encrypt. At the moment I can't
>>>>>> seem to figure out how to force traffic to be automatically redirected
>>>>>> to https(443) instead of http(80). But now since I'm using Cloudflare,
>>>>>> I'm not sure if that will be necessary.
>>>>>>       Once I get more advanced, and raised my income through Amazon
>>>>>>       Associates and stripe payments, I'd like to install a phone box or
>>>>>> PBX using Asterisk as well. Note that I am running PHP 7. My friend and
>>>>>> I tried installing Free PBX, but it doesn't seem to like it, so we had
>>>>>> to give it up temporarily, at least until they release the newer
>>>>>> version.
>>>>>> On a more interesting topic, I don't know if any of you are into speech
>>>>>> synthesis that can sing. I am very much into singing synthesis and have
>>>>>> spent quite a bit of time with DECtalk and Vocaloid. I recently got
>>>>>> interested in learning how to use Festival and make my own speech
>>>>>> synthesiser. If you look at post 57 of this thread, you can see where I
>>>>>> am at right now.
>>>>>> So having said that, might any of you be able to help me resolve this
>>>>>> mail problem with Postfix and S-Nail? I keep getting a debug error.
>>>>>> Also, for some annoying reason which my friend and I have not been able
>>>>>> to determine, I cannot install plug-ins or update WordPress directly.
>>>>>> It
>>>>>> wants to access my web server through FTP or FTPS, and I don't have one
>>>>>> properly configured. I tried changing all file and folder permissions
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> 7777 recursively, but I am still unable to update and install plug-ins
>>>>>> automatically. If any of you are able to help me with that as well I
>>>>>> would greatly appreciate it.
>>>>>> Anyhow, I apologise for this lengthy e-mail, but hopefully that gives
>>>>>>       you all an idea of what I've done so far and where I'd like to go
>>>>>> next. :-)
>>>>>>       Sincerely,
>>>>>>       -Ulysses
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