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I can already use Windows Power Shell with Scoop and Open SSH, thanks to 
a line of code someone sent me. I pasted it into Windows Power Shell, 
and then I let it install everything. Now, whenever I need to access my 
server, I launch Windows Power Shell, type ssh user at hostname and press 
enter. Will this be any different from what I am doing now? In the past, 
I used Secure CRT and Putty with Win SCP, but now I find that all I ened 
is Windows Power Shell and Win SCP.


On 12/13/2017 7:32 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello, Blinux Folks:
> No doubt many of you are aware that the developer tools available on
> Microsoft's Windows 10, beginning with last year's so-called Anniversary
> Edition of Windows 10, include a reasonably sophisticated bash shell
> environment based on Ubuntu. Microsoft developed this environment in a
> contractual agreement with Canonical.
> So, with the appropriate Windows 10 install, one can now run various
> console apps under the Windows Terminal, including package management
> with apt, using NVDA or JAWS.
> I have it on good authority that JAWS will be tweaking it's support for
> the Windows terminal to better support this new power.
> Well, that's not the end of the story, as it transpires. Coming soon,
> according to the following announcement, is the ability to download and
> install other Linux distributions on your Windows 10 machine including
> Suse and Fedora. Aparently, one can even run multiple Linux
> distributions side by side, should that be desirable for any reason.
> Here's the Microsoft announcement:
> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/2017/05/11/new-distros-coming-t
> So, I'm wondering where will our community gather to share support for
> this environment? Afaik, this list is still the best choice. I'm aware
> of no other. But, I know there's a need.
> An example is the need for an effective clipboard mechanism. Apparently,
> that's not currently present.  Guess I'll file a bug when I get my Apple
> Bootcamp Windows environment up and running later this week.
> hth
> Janina

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