Welcome to Linux by Microsoft

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Wed Dec 13 20:16:37 UTC 2017

Sounds like Microsoft is providing more solutions in search of problems. 
They like to do that it seems. I like to run Linux on its own without 
any "help" from Microsoft. And if anyone does want Windows for any 
reason at all, it can certainly run under VirtualBox on Linux, which as 
far as I know already has clipboard functionality. Just say no to 
half-baked Linux powered by Microsoft. It's pretty easy to run Linux on 
top of Linux on top of Linux if that's your thing, using Docker, KVM, 
VirtualBox or several other less flexible and less free/open options, 
and Windows itself can even run on Linux without the stability issues 
that come with trying to run Linux on an unstable Windows host.
Imetumwa kutoka mbwa wangu

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