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Fri Dec 15 22:50:56 UTC 2017

If you have a Linux machine or a Mac, you can certainly use it, but 
build the Flite voice tools on the machine you will be using to record. 
I can talk you through Linux, but since that's all I use, I won't be 
able to help with a Mac or a Windows machine. For recording though, you 
will have good luck with a used machine or something like an Odroid 
XU4Q, which will cost very little and is good for recording, even over 
USB. A Raspberry Pi 3 may also be good for recording if you have a USB 
mic or headset, although I haven't tested this yet. A full kit with 
everything you need to make a Raspberry Pi boot a Linux distribution is 
about $80 USD, and may cost no more than about $120 USD with a keyboard 
and USB headset, or an Odroid XU4Q will cost about $150 to 200 USD to 
put together fully, including a keyboard, a USB headset for recording 
and the eMMC (something like a hard drive), wifi, bluetooth if you want 
it, a USB hub that will give you more ports, and a case. Either of these 
are great for recording, because they can run completely silently - they 
are both fanless and relatively inexpensive computers, and I have 
successfully installed Linux on both of these with no help at all, 
though you may need someone more familiar with Windows to be tell you 
how to get an image file onto the storage media so that it can boot.
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