HAL, UDEV are opportunity for visually impaired future employees

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Thu Dec 28 15:12:47 UTC 2017

Dear users and developers,
Once up one time, Debian Squeeze and Espeakup would be used as device 
autodetector. When visually impaired user has connected USB compatible 
device, if device have been compatible with Linux kernel, with UDEV, 
Espeakup have informed user about exact device type, its name.
My plea is as follows.
Does somebody know about GTK compatible app, which is able to connect 
information when new USB device have been connected to The system? So 
visually impaired users would help inside E-schops, where it is 
necessary to pack devices. Because they would be able to know device 
name, Believe me, that photo recognition services of objects will not be 
too fast and will not be free of charge on future. And USB port and 
kernel algorithms are very reliable.

It would be very interesting to find out, if ANdroid APIS can also 
provide such information, because phones with Android would become a 
handy device detection tool. Especially if USB HUB will be also used to 
minimize micro USB connectors deterioration.
Who of you knows about GTK app, which is able to automatically display 
if new USB device have been connected?
If Espeakup have been able to monitor kernel message, how complex would 
be to fetch those messsages from Python? Because not every app must be 
written in C or C+. It would be even possible to automatically store 
device information to .txt file in plain Ascii format, every device on 
separate line.
Please try to think about my idea.

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