Are their other Working Weather Scripts?

Chris Brannon chris at
Fri Feb 3 21:44:57 UTC 2017

Tim Chase <blinux.list at> writes:

> On February  3, 2017, Janina Sajka wrote:
>> Fortunately, is still up. It's not command
>> line, though I imagine one could write a script quite readily.
> Didn't know about this one.  A quick "lynx -dump" alias seems to do
> the trick:

We have a script for that we've
used for years.
I have no idea who originally wrote it, or I'd gladly give them credit.
There's also another script floating around that uses lynx -dump.  It
was written by Kitty Litter from the Speakup list, and has a couple more
features than this one.  Notably, the command line options can be
pre-populated from an environment variable (useful if you normally get
the weather for a single location).  There's also a moon-phase option,
and I don't recall what else.
I don't know whether he ever intended to publish it.

-- Chris

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