Introduction and some basic questions.

Ibrahim Abedrabbo abedrabboibrahim at
Thu Feb 9 01:41:54 UTC 2017

Hello Folks,
My name is Ibrahim Abed Rabbo and I am new to Linux. My experience with this
platform is very limited and short-lived.
I tried Vinux six years ago for a short time, but I quit because of my
frustration with the many crashes vinux encountered on my old machine at
that time.
Now I am giving myself a second chance to explore Linux, and I have a
feeling that accessibility has improved quite a bit since I tried it for few
weeks in 2011.
I just bought a new laptop and wish to convert my retiring laptop to Linux.
It is a 32 Bit Dual core with 2.0 MHZ processor, 3 GB of Ram, and 130 GB of
hard disk. I am not sure which distribution of Linux is suitable for my
limited configuration.  In that respect I need your feedback.
I also like some tips on the major differences between the various Linux
distributions in as far as Accessibility is concerned.
I have to admit that I am not good in remembering line commands and their
parameters, so I prefer a distribution that has menus and has reasonable GUI
I look forward to learning and benefiting from your comments and

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