Any1 Familliar with smartpm instead of dpkg?

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sun Feb 26 16:01:36 UTC 2017

My understanding is that smartpm either merged with or was superseded by 
packagekit. I found both and to be interesting 
reading. There are probably other things as well, but the first link was 
the top search result that mentioned both smart package manager and 
packagekit, and that page linked to the second link I'm posting here. I 
do see that these both go to the Ubuntu wiki, so I'm not sure how either 
of these may affect Debian, but Debian certainly does have packagekit, 
and from what I can tell, it should work, although I just use the 
regular apt tools on my Jessie servers. I do notice though that 
packagekit also has a smart backend version that Jessie's packagekit 
version says it breaks, so either packagekit is doing all this work now 
or smart itself may be broken on Debian.
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