some fun reading

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Fri Jan 13 21:39:41 UTC 2017

On January 13, 2017, Jude DaShiell wrote:
(unpacking the Twitter URL for others)
> I had an experience like that earlier myself too so know where this
> one is coming.

Hah, I love stringing along these scammers when I have the free
time.  Best time was ~45 minutes.  It's all the better that I have my
window-manager configured to launch a terminal when I press the
windows-logo key with R (they always start out with Logo+R to bring
up the Run dialog box on Windows, then have you pull up "eventvwr" to
see the error log which usually has some benign errors in it). So I
press the Logo+R as they request and then mention there's no OK
button to push.  But I can type in "eventvwr" so they go with it.
Then I give them the bash error message.

My wife rolls her eyes when I do it.  But I find it fun. (evil grin)


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